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Learn how to create no. of visit and point-based loyalty rewards for different customer groups

Loyalty setup Pro Plan

Enable loyalty

To enable loyalty, toggle the Loyalty enabled? switch from Settings > Loyalty. Specify the number of points earned for each £1 spent.

To disable loyalty points for a specific product, view the individual and deselect the Earn loyalty points of this product option within the Loyalty section. If you wish to change the default number of points earnt for a specific product, select the Earn custom loyalty points then specify the custom amount.

Each customer will receive a loyalty welcome email once they join the loyalty scheme. The welcome email subject line and body text is editable. Add the customised text and specify any bonus points you wish to issue the customer. You may also add an email CC so internal staff will also receive the welcome email. The welcome email will display a unique QR code which customers can show at checkout to collect points. If you have an eCommerce site, this QR code is also available within their account page.

Create rewards Pro Plan

Tap Loyalty from the left hand navigation to view and create loyalty rewards. By default, the rewards list shows all active rewards ordered alphabetically by name (A first), displaying the number of times each reward has been used. Check Show inactive to show inactive rewards and Show expired to show expired rewards. Search for a reward by Name. All columns except the Active status are sortable.

There are 2 types of loyalty rewards; Redeem points rewards and Repeat customer rewards.

Add a point based reward

Tap Add to add a new reward. Select the Redeem points reward type then complete the following information:

  • Reward name - Add the name used to identify the reward. On your POS device, the reward name will be displayed when viewing the list of available rewards. On your ecommerce site, the reward name(s) will also be displayed on the checkout page to indicate to customers which rewards are available and which can be redeemed. Keep it short and precise
  • Start and end date - Specify the start and end date in which the reward is valid. If the reward has no end date, set the end date to years in the future
  • Points to redeem reward - The number of points a customer requires to redeem the reward
  • Store availability
  • Customer group - If the reward is only applicable to customers within a certain group, select a group from the list
  • Description - For internal reference
  • Reward is active

Tap Save to save the reward. You'll now be able to enter information about the reward itself.

Specify if the reward is a fixed or percentage discount, state the value and the minimum spend required to receive the reward. If you wish the reward to only be valid on only certain products, brands, categories or tags select Apply to specific products or product types? Type in a product, brand, category or tag and select the relevant result from the list. Multiple can be added. Tap Save to save the reward changes.

Add a repeat customer reward

Tap Add to add a new reward. Select the Repeat customer reward type then complete the same information as the Redeem points reward minus the Points to redeem field which will not be displayed.

Tap Save to save the reward. You'll now be able to enter information about the reward itself.

Repeat customer rewards are created in the following format:

1. When a customer makes {x} purchases spending a minimum of £{0.00} on any {product, brands, categories or tags}. Input the number and types of products the customer needs to buy to receive the reward.

2. Specify the Then rule by choosing from the following options: pay a fixed price, receive a discount or get the following product:

  • Pay a fixed price - Input the discounted price
  • Recieve a discount - Input the discount that will be applied. Specify if the discount is a fixed or percentage discount, state the value and the minimum spend required to receive the reward
  • Get the following products - As with Step 1 specify the relevant products the customer will get for free or at a discount price. Select free or discounted, if discounted is selected specify the discount and required minimum spend

View a reward

Tap the reward name from the list to view the reward information and the full sales history. The sales history shows all orders that have used that reward. All fields can be updated and the reward can be set to inactive if you no longer wish to use it, but don't wish to delete it if you plan to activate it again in the future. Tap Save to save any amendments or Delete to delete the reward.

Redeem rewards

Loyalty points and/or visit based rewards can be collected and redeemed both in-store and online.

Redeem rewards in-store Pro Plan

The customer must be added to the order on the POS to collect and redeem points. Either search for the customer, create a new customer or scan the customer loyatly QR code and they will be automatically added to the order.

Once added a icon will be displayed. Tap the icon to view the customers loyalty points and all active rewards. If the customer is eligible for a reward, the cashier has the option to redeem the rewards. If a customer is added to the order via search, you have the option to activate loyalty for that customer by tapping the icon. An email will be sent to the customer containing the QR code.

Redeem rewards online Unified Plan

The customer must be logged into their account to collect and redeem points. On the checkout page, the customer can see the number of points they have and any active rewards they are eligible to redeem. The customer can tap the reward to redeem it. Upon checkout the reward will be applied and points updated.

The loyalty section on the customers account page displays the number of loyalty points the customer has collected, their unique QR code plus both active and redeemed rewards.

For points based rewards a list of rewards with the number of points required to redeem each will be displayed.

For repeat customer based rewards a stamp card will be displayed. The card shows the number of times the customer needs to visit to earn a reward. For example, a repeat customer reward could be Get 30% off your 10th visit. A stamp will be displayed each time the customer makes a purchase. Once the stamp card is full, the customer can redeem the reward.

Customer profiles

The customer list displays customer information and the total number of points each customer has. Tap the Customer name to view each profile. You can opt a customer into the loyalty scheme from the customer view in both the back office and the POS app Loyalty. Points for each customer can be manually adjusted in the back office only. To add or remove points, and to view loyalty point history, tap in the top right and select Loyalty.

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