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Point of sale

Seamless experience

Train your staff in minutes and with Saledock's seamless user experience.


Saledock's cloud based POS instantly syncs your data so you can pick up where you left off on any device.

Works offline

Sell even if your internet is down. Saledock will automatically sync your sales when you're back online.

Speed you need

No lagging, no delays, Saledock loads thousands of products in seconds.


Create staff accounts, PINs, and customer user permissions.

Custom receipts

Print or email customised receipts with logo, footer message and optional notes.

Gift cards

Sell and redeem gift cards in-store and online! Use the gift card report to track active gift cards.

Promotions and discounts

Promotion discounts are automatically applied to eligible products. Add a fixed amount/percentage discount to individual items or the whole order.


Attach notes to an order to keep track of special requests or leave instructions for staff.

Quick sale

For products not in your inventory, quickly add a price with an optional description to add it to the order.

Tap, search or scan

Tap, search or scan barcodes to add items to your order. Using a mobile POS? Choose to scan barcodes using your device's camera or handheld scanner.

Integrated payments

Integrated payments

Reduce human error and increase checkout speed with SumUp, Paymentsense and Dojo integrated payments.

Existing payment provider

If you already have a payment provider that you're happy with you can stay with them. You'll just need to manually enter order total into the card machine.

Contactless payments

Pay by chip and pin or go contactless including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Split payments

Accept multiple payment types on a single order.

Partial payment and layby orders

Take deposits and partial payments on layby orders. Customers can pay of the total over an agreed amount of time.


Bespoke to you

We design bespoke eCommerce sites that make your brand shine! From design to go live in 2-10 weeks!

Unified solution

One powerful back office to manage all in-store and online products, process orders and gain valuable insights. Your business, in one place.

Promotions and promo codes

Effortlessly create site wide or category and product specific promotions and promo codes.

Order fulfillment

Real-time orders - fulfill orders and print shipping labels with ease.


Built in SEO tools to drive traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Google Analytics

Track product views, conversion rates, first time buyers and more with our advanced Google Analytics integration.


Process click and collect orders with ease, you can even process the order on your POS device! Create free, variable and flat fee shipping rates per country, weight or price range.

Single and multi-store

Unified back office

Manage your products, inventory, customers and more with Saledock's web based back office that drives your POS and online store. View your sales history from any store and any register from a single view and spot trends using our detailed analytics accessible from any device 24/7.


Create your own product options, categories, tax rules and customise receipts with your business logo and contact information.

Sales history

Browse and search your complete sales history. Filter by sales, date range and sold by across any store and your eCommerce site.

Add users, registers and stores

Effortlessly add new users, registers and stores as you grow.

Everything in sync

With one unified solution everything is connected and in sync!

Inventory management

Unlimited products

Manage unlimited online and multi-store products from your centralised back office. Effortlessly manage prices and discounts across products, variants and stores.

Product collections and variants

Create product collections or variant products with size and colour variants, all managed from a single view. Choose to add images per product or variant.

Inventory control

Manage stock levels down to each variant, specifying re-order points, prices and quantities.

Barcodes and labels

Assign existing barcodes to products or automatically generate barcodes with easy batch barcode and label printing.

Duplicate and archive

Duplicate, archive or re-activate a product with a single click increasing product management efficiency.

Bulk import

Already have a large product list? Easily bulk import products using CSV.

Stock control

No spreadsheets or manualy entry

Create multiple stock takes in advance ready for your staff to complete - No need for spreadsheets or manual entry your product inventory is sync straight to the stock take app.

Stock take profit and loss

View real-time progression and analyse profit and loss and stock differences from each stock take report.

Mobile barcode scanner

Turn your mobile into a powerful barcode scanner with our stock control app! Start a stock take, write-off stock or receive goods using the built in scanner or camera on your phone.

Purchase orders

With customisable re-order points you can automatically add products to your next purchase order. Saledock will automatically email your supplier with the purchase order.

Stock transfers

Effortlessly transfer stock between stores and check stock levels with ease.

Stock write-off

Noticed a damaged item you can no longer sell? Mark it as a write-off and see how much write-offs are costing you each year.

Quick stock in/out

Need to quickly check stock in/out? No problem, use Saledock's dedicated stock control app. Scan the barcode, mark stock in or out and stock levels are automatically updated in the back office.'


Powerful dashboard

Understand your business better so you can sell more, stock smarter, and take your business in the right direction. Manage staffing hours more efficiently by recognising your peak hours and busiest days.

Performance reports

Spot trends and your best performing products, brands, categories and suppliers with our real-time performance reports!

Stock optimisation

What's hot and what's not? Report on inventory down to each size and variant so you can manage your inventory levels effectively and make more space for your best performing products.

Low stock report

Set re-order points and quantities on each product so you can stay on top of stock levels and plan ahead for your busy periods.

Staff reports

Identify your best performing staff and help those who aren't performing as well.

Gift cards

Increase revenue and bring in new customers with brandable gift cards.

End of day reports

Review daily closure summaries, transactions and discrepancies across all payment types.

Finance reports

Compare store performances or register performance per store to help identify areas that excel the most.

Customer management

Customer profiles

Saledock's back office and POS app manages customer profiles helping you to personalise your customers shopping experience and target your marketing campaigns more effectively.

Sales history

Get to know your customers better with a full in-store and online sales history linked to each customer profile.

Bulk import

Already have a large customer list? Easily bulk import customers using CSV.

Xero integration

Save time and money

No need to manually enter transaction totals, saving you time and reducing the risk of expensive human errors. Payment transactions and totals are automatically sync to Xero when your register is closed, ready for easier bank reconciliation.

Increased accuracy

Sales, payments, discounts, taxes and liabilities are sync to Xero for accurate daily sales receipts, profit and loss reports and more.


Compatible hardware

we've integrated with a wide range of popular and reliable hardware. Check out our compatibility list.

Buy hardware

Buy one of our recommended hardware bundles or the individual items you need directly on our webshop.

Hardware support

Our support team are on help to help or visit our help centre for setup instructions or watch hardware tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.


Call, email or live chat

Our dedicated support team are here to help you succeed. Call, email or live chat, whichever you prefer.

Help centre

Our help centre is a written in-depth guide of all Saledock features. We've also included some links to our YouTube channel which offers video tutorials.

Migration team

Have a large product and customer list? No problem, we'll help you migrate your data from your old system.

One-on-one onboarding

We offer one-on-one onboarding and group training sessions so you and your team can launch with confidence.

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